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Why HealthLab?

Zana HealthLab is your gateway to better health. Filled with free resources -- and more coming soon! -- you’ll find the most useful, objective, and relevant information to demystify clinical cannabis.
We’re continually producing (or curating) original evidence-based content:
  • Clinical cannabis guidance -- general and condition-specific (e.g. insomnia, chronic pain, PTSD, etc.)
  • Free “how-to’s”, treatment and guidance checklists, eBooks, videos, podcasts,
  • Exclusive Zana Medical program discounts for subscribers (sign up for free)!
  • Easy-to-read infographics. Download them for free!
Less time guessing. Less trial-and-error. And, of course, better results.
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Listen to HealthLab Radio

Zana HealthLab Radio provides a unique perspective on the world of cannabis therapeutics through the eyes of patients and caretakers, clinicians and researchers.
We currently offer two shows:

“The HealthLab” Podcast

Through interviews and great storytelling (think “infotainment”), you’ll hear from patients (including moms, veterans, and even seniors!) and professionals (clinicians and researchers) to gain a better understanding of clinical cannabis as a viable therapeutic alternative
Each 5-episode season focuses on a specific condition. We’re currently in production on our first two seasons:
  • Season 1: “Eyes Wide Open - Clinical Cannabis & Insomnia”
  • Season 2: “Friendly Fire - Clinical Cannabis & PTSD”
Listen to the preview now!

“NerdCast” Interviews

If you’re a physician, scientist, researcher (or a patient who loves to go deep and learn everything you can about clinical cannabis), this show is right up your alley.
In each episode, we interview a recognized expert in the field of clinical cannabis. Learn about emerging research, best practices, and the science behind clinical cannabis.
Listen to the preview now!

Watch HealthLab TV

Informative. Instructive. Quick. Zana HealthLab recently launched a new series -- guidance and tutorials!
Satisfy your quest for objective, evidence-based clinical cannabis guidance -- watch instructive health tutorials and get answers to your burning questions.

CannaBites Videos

Short, informative, and easily digestible videos (under three minutes long each) that address some of the most common questions patients have about cannabis, like:
  • Why low-dose cannabis is important
  • Can cannabis cure insomnia?
  • How to consume edibles safely and effectively
Watch CannaBites!

Ask Us Anything

Maybe you’re new to clinical cannabis or you’ve been a patient for years We’re here to help! Ask us any question you have about clinical cannabis and we’ll respond with an objective, sourced, evidence-based answer to (virtually) any question you may have.
Some of the most popular questions we get include:
  • What’s the best strain to treat my condition?
  • What are cannabinoids and why are they important?
  • What does the science say about treating PTSD with cannabis?
Go ahead. Don’t be shy Ask us anything!

Research the Library

Do a search on PubMed (the National Institutes of Health’s research portal) for “cannabis,” and you’ll find nearly 16,000 scientific papers and studies. That’s a lot of research!
We’ve made it easy for you by curating some of the most important studies out there. (If you’re a researcher, and would like us to review or feature your study, drop us a line!)
Take me to the Library.
Can we agree? Infographics are awesome! They’re a great way to learn the key concepts on complex topics. And, Zana HealthLab has you covered! We’ve assembled a bunch of original infographics on a wide variety of topics. You’ll find all sorts of topics covered, including:
  • Taking Medicine Effectively
  • The Best Intake Intake Methods
  • The Endocannabinoid System and Sleep
Download them for free!

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